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An overview of the Flow blockchain and the Float project

crypto flow
Introduction After some discussions in the chat about Float, I decided to make this short technical overview of the Flow blockchain with some introduction to the Float project. This allows the participants of the chat to quickly understand what is going on under the hood to troubleshoot possible errors without reading the whole documentation and the source code. Read more...

Creating CI pipelines for C++/Qt applications with Buildbot

ci buildbot
Introduction I recently had to set up a Continuous Integration (CI) system to automate the build and testing of several proprietary C++ project based on Qt. I needed a self-hosted solution that works on a local network, and is as customizable and flexible as possible. Among other alternatives, I chose Buildbot. Read more...

Using (neo)vim for C++ development

cpp vim tools
Background I’ve been writing code in vim for the past several years, and in this post I’d like to share some tips on configuring a development environment. This post contains some notes on configuration that would have helped me when I first started using vim and working on my own config. Read more...
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